Four Cards from New Capenna

The last article looked at the most promising cards from the first spoilers of New Capenna.


We’ll look at the expansion in more detail today and see which cards are best to focus on for the various constructed formats.





Let’s start with a card that caught my attention.


I’m sure the new Connive ability is strong, and this sphinx uses it almost every turn.




With three mana you make a 1/4. The four toughness is important because it takes some removal out of reach, such as Dragon’s Fire or Abrade.


Flying with ward 1 isn’t much, but it’s still a bonus that triggers this ability upon attacking.


It draws and discards x cards and puts x counters for each nonland card discarded this way.


It’s a lot of card quality and a significant board presence.


Moving on to the most important part—where will this card of New Capenna find its place? 



Standard: It probably will find a place in Esper Control, and there may be tempo decks with cards like Thalia, Luminarch Aspirant, Elite Spellbinder, Skyclave Apparition.





Many removal, cards like Negate, Spell Pierce, and maybe planeswalkers like Wandering Emperor or Kaito.





Modern: I don’t think it can find space in this format at the moment.


Pioneer: That it discards x cards goes well synergistically with cards like Dig Through Time, Treasure Cruise, and maybe Tasigur, so there could be an interesting Esper Midrange







A two mana 2/2 fly vigilance with a fairly long text—this card gets attention right away.


This legendary creature of New Capenna is a candidate to be the rare of the new set, and I doubt it’ll disappoint.


Thanks to this card, every other angel comes into play with a +1+1 counter for every angel you already control and provides a white mana that can be used to play only angels.


With its high-power level, there’s no question about the card, but in which format does it belong? 



Standard: Accompanied by cards such as Righteous Valkyrie, Legion Angel, and Emeria’s Call and probably supported by a second color (blue?), a nice, competitive deck could be built for fans of this archetype.




Modern: It doesn’t look like there’s space in this format.


Pioneer: This archetype can find space here supported by a second color (black for Thoughtseize perhaps?).


In this format, cards like Resplendent Angel, Bishop of Wings, and Lyra Dawnbringer are excellent for building a deck.







Cards with Hideaway have always been strong enough. I still remember the GW Hideaway in the time of Lorwyn, a fun and highly competitive deck.


This card has potential. With three mana it provides an enchantment that exiles the first five cards and allows you to choose one to exile face down.


At the beginning of your combat phase, you put a +1+1 counter on a creature, then if you control a creature with seven or higher power, it lets you play the exiled card without paying mana cost.


Which format can make the most of this card’s potential?



Standard: The first synergy that comes to mind is with the interesting Shakedown Heavy—a three mana 6/4 menace that gives your opponent the chance to make you draw a card.



If your opponent does, you uncork it and it exits the combat. With this card, your spell activates immediately, and you can cast a card for free.


It could also be a good addition for Mono Green Aggro.


Modern: There’s little hope of seeing this card, but maybe I’m wrong and Hardened Scales plays it.



Pioneer: I don’t know if these enchantments will be enough to make Mono Green a contender.


I don’t think so, but in any case it’s a card you can try here too.





We close this analysis with a card that could be played in multiple formats and which brings Death’s Shadow to mind.



This 7/7 card starts at 15 mana and will cost one mana less for each less life you have compared to the initial ones.


It has synergy with cards that make you lose life. 


So which format is best for this card of New Capenna?




Standard: I don’t think this card can find space in this format.


Modern: We’re all familiar with the Death’s Shadow deck, and I believe this card could be a good addition to this archetype.


Pioneer: The most important news could arrive in this format where Death’s Shadow is not present.


It’s true that fetches are missing, but we have cards like Thoughtseize, Shocklands, and flip cards like Agadeem’s Awakening that let you pay three life so the untapped land can enter.




The cards for this archetype are not lacking and while Scourge of the Skyclaves alone was not enough prior, now may be the right time to assemble this deck.


New Capenna has just arrived, and it looks like a very nice expansion with high-powered cards.


I’m convinced that many of the cards will be played in all formats.


I can’t wait to try the new cards and new decks and see how the format evolves.


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