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Modern has been searching for a new top tier and it has probably been found after the online player MZBlazer crushed the last Modern Showcase with Murktide Regent — an interesting, new UR list that maximizes the power of one of Modern Horizons 2’s strongest creatures.


The decklist is as follows:




MZBlazer - Modern - UR Regent

Export to:
Creature (14)
Dragon's Rage Channeler
Dreadhorde Arcanist
Murktide Regent
Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer
Sorcery (10)
Expressive Iteration
Serum Visions
Sleight of Hand
Instant (14)
Lightning Bolt
Thought Scour
Unholy Heat
Artifact (4)
Mishra's Bauble
Land (18)
Fiery Islet
Flooded Strand
Misty Rainforest
Scalding Tarn
Spirebluff Canal
Steam Vents
Cards 60
Sideboard (15)
Aether Gust
Blood Moon
Chalice of the Void
Engineered Explosives
Force of Negation
Mystical Dispute
Spell Pierce


The deck’s plan is to put an early drop like Dragon’s Rage Channeler or Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer into play and assemble a big Murktide Regent.





This new build of UR looks more like a Legacy deck if compared with UR Blitz. Ragavan is a must for every deck that plays red creatures. It is an incredible overpowered threat that gives you resources and treasures at the same time.



Dragon’s Rage Channeler is a great addition thanks to its ability to surveil and generate food for a fast Murktide Regent.



This is a smart idea by MZBlazer. It’s another threat that needs a fast answer before it generates card advantage or an extra removal. There are 18 legal main-deck targets, so the Dreadhorde Arcanist will have many options in the graveyard in every stage of the game.



The card shows its power here better than in any other deck, which is why this deck is so good. Its body and casting cost allow Murktide Regent to be unaffected by Lightning Bolt and Fatal Push. In a new metagame with a lack of main decks containing 4 Path to Exile, Murktide Regent could be the new king of Modern.






These cards allow the deck to dig into a fast and big Murktide Regent and get in Delirium for Dragon’s Rage Channeler. You won’t run out of gas with a deck full of these cards.







I agree with MZBlazer about having just 2 Counterspell in the main deck. You don’t want to have too many reactive cards in your hand in this proactive deck, but there are some decks like Crashing Footfalls, Tron, and UW Control where you need to stop a great non-creature threat.






Lightning Bolt is the most-played burn spell in history, so there’s not much more to be said. The full set of Unholy Heat is a great addition. This new removal is incredible because it kills almost every threat with just one card. Tarmogoyf and Primeval Titan were incredible threats against the old version of UR, and now this deck has a cheap and fast answer.













Before Unholy Heat and Counterspell, this was a hard match-up in game one because there wasn’t a true answer to Primeval Titan. The six answers in the main deck and a quick Murktide Regent create many chances to steal game one.


The match-up looks favorable post-side after adding Blood Moon and more ways to stop Primeval Titan and Amulet of Vigor.









Murktide Regent is the king of the hill! The best way to win is to put a big Murktide Regent in play after resolving as many threats as possible.


Unfortunately, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer doesn’t fit well against a deck with 4 Lava Dart, so having 2 Engineered Explosives post-side is a good idea. Unholy Heat is an all-star because it can resolve any creature in the battlefield when the deck is in delirium.










Urza’s Kitchen is a great deck that controls the board quickly. Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar and The Underworld Cookbook can kill every creature in play, which makes game one difficult, but you have an edge in game two and three after boarding Engineered Explosives and Abrade.


Playing Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer on turn one is decisive in this match-up.











Now we see why MZBlazer plays 2 Chalice of the Void in the sideboard.


This is a hard match-up because it has different options to interact with Murktide Regent as the most common list has 4 Brazen Borrower and 2 Dead/Gone in the main deck, plus Teferi, Time Traveler in the side.


Adding 2 Engineered Explosives deals with some Rhinos in play.












Another shell that needs to be stopped by Chalice of the Void!


Without one of the 2 Counterspell in the main deck, game one is very hard because this version is slower than UR Blitz and gives Living End more turns to assemble the combo.


An unexpected Blood Moon is a great way to steal the game in game two. Boarding in 3 or more counterspells and 2 Chalice of the Void create an even match-up with UR post-side. 


This is a great deck and the lack of top tier decks with Path to Exile allows Murktide Regent to be the new big boss in the battlefield.


I’ll play this deck in the next Modern challenge, likely with great results!


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