We hope to meet you all soon!

Hello Planeswalker!


We would like to be able to tell everyone that we will meet next week in Las Vegas for the biggest Magic Fest of the year.  Unfortunately, the global situation does not allow our community to experience Magic as it was conceived and loved since 1994: with gatherings!


Meeting in person and building a direct relationship with you is something we miss very much and that our online activity cannot replace in any way.  We hope soon we can build that relationship by getting to know each other during an event like a Magic Fest.


We hope to start attending live events again during 2021 and we, as a company and as individuals, will make every effort to achieve this goal.


The pandemic is going to end, but until then we have to show ourselves united not only as a Magic community, but also as people pursuing the same goal: playing Magic again with our friends all over the world!


Hoping that everything will go well, we hope to see each other soon in 2021!


Take care and never stop playing Magic!


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