Welcome to 95mtg.com

Hello everyone!


Here at Ninety Five, we are very happy and very proud to welcome you to our new website!


Many of you have met us in person during Grand Prix and Magic Fest events of the past years and many times we have been asked if we had our own website where you could find the same prices that we offered during live events.



For a long time we simply told you to contact us on social networks or arrange a meeting in our offices. But, finally, we can tell you all to come and visit us here on 95mtg.com!


95mtg website is for Magic players like you!


In designing this website, we constantly asked ourselves what Magic players, like us and like you, could need and what could make this website better. We set out to provide this community with a site that was easy to use, encompassed excellent customer care, and, of course, offered The Best Prices!


We tried to keep the site as clean and simple as possible; whatever you want to find is designed to be just a few clicks away.


For this reason, on our home page you can immediately find our best offers. You’ll have access to the latest articles written by our staff and some of the best Magic players around.


Stay tuned for a list of events where you will find us in the near future!


Online Buylist!


You will notice a featured search bar that will allow you to find any item you are looking for in the blink of an eye. A button, just below that bar, will give you direct access to our online buylist (more details on the buylist in this article).


Any feedback from you is welcome, we never want to stop improving your experience on our platform.


Personal Account and Collection Manager


By creating a personal account on this website, you will also have access to our collection manager, where you can manage your cards and your decks (more details on it in this article).


This is a feature that is still in beta phase, but we decided to release it to get feedback from you and understand how we can improve it.


We already have several ideas in mind, such as the possibility to directly link the collection and the decks to our buylist, the automatic creation of wishlists to complete a deck you are missing a few cards for, and much more.


Let us know what you think, we can’t wait to hear all your ideas about it!


Online Customer Service


Another very important aspect for us will be customer care.


Those of you who have met us at events already know how important it is for us to have a customer relationship that goes far beyond mere card trading.


During events we enjoy listening to the stories behind your collections and your decks. We want to know how long you have been looking for that foil card you finally managed to buy and how much fun you are having with your friends during a Magic Fest.


Much of this, unfortunately, presents a challenge online, but our staff will always be available via email info@95mtg.com or on our social network channels to help you with anything you need.


Do not hesitate to reach out to us. Helping you solve any problem will always be a pleasure.


First of all we are players like you!


And then there is our motto, the feature that we always try to keep at the center of our decisions: The Best Prices.


Both when selling and buying, we will always try to offer the best for all of you Magic players.


We have been and still are, players like you. We know how important it is to get the cards you need to play under the best possible conditions.


This is what our website, 95mtg.com, wants to offer to the fantastic community of Magic players. With your support, we are sure that what has just begun will be a long and amazing journey.


See you out there!


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