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Hello Planeswalker!


We know that when you browse a site dedicated to Magic, you expect to find strategy, gameplay, articles and videos.


We are working on it and soon you’ll find videos and articles written by players from different parts of the world who play Magic at different levels: from the Commander game at the kitchen table with friends to a fierce top-8 finalist of a GP.


We have several projects underway, but the world’s situation has delayed many things for us: it’s not easy to tell stories that go beyond the simple “game” when events like Magic Fest have been suspended for months; it’s not easy to organize live streaming events starting from scratch when it’s not possible to organize group meetings to organize an editorial plan.


Despite this, we’re doing our best to build some interesting and engaging content, hoping that you’ll have a few more weeks of patience to enjoy something that’s worthy.


Our goal is to have, as soon as we can, articles about the world of Magic that can be useful for every kind of player and we are sure that your patience and continued support will be rewarded very soon.


We also have several ideas to involve you directly in the creative process: follow us actively on social networks to stay up to date!


Thank you for reading and for your support!


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