Your Personal Account and the Collection Manager

Hello Planeswalker!


If you are reading this article it means that you have just registered on our website or you are wondering if it is worth doing so.


Spoiler alert: it is! And we’re here to tell you why.


As you’ve probably already seen, you can browse the entire website without having to register an account. You can browse all the cards we have for sale, look at the prices of our buylist, read all the strategy articles, and contact our customer care for any needs or questions you have.


What are the advantages of having an account on


Well, first of all the main advantage is to be able to complete purchases and trade submissions.


Without being registered and logged in you can create your shopping cart, but to complete your purchase you will need to register and login.


Same thing about finalizing trades through our online buylist: you can prepare your list of cards to sell without the need to be registered and check out all our offers, but you will need an account to complete the submission.


Once you have placed an order, you can then keep track of it from your account on the corresponding pages.



Your wishlists on


In addition to being able to finalize your orders, accessing your account allows you to create custom wishlists, which you can use to keep track of the cards that interest you the most and receive notifications when an out of stock card becomes available again.



It is a very useful feature not to miss a card that is very difficult to find and that could remain in stock for only a short time.


Your Collection Manager on


Last but not least, you can access the collection manager.


The collection manager is a tool we have built to allow you to manage your entire collection here at



Through the collection page, you can keep track of your personal Magic collection, selecting the cards you already own and checking which ones are missing from every single expansion you are interested in completing. This is a very useful function in case you are a collector who wants to make sure you have all the cards of a given expansion. Maybe you’re seeking the one that was the last release when you started playing Magic or the one you drafted for the first time you played with your friends.


Through the decks page, you can build your decks using both cards from your collection and cards you don’t yet own.



This way you can easily check which cards you are missing to complete your deck and buy them quickly on our website with just a few clicks. Your complete deck will be ready the next time you want to play in a tournament or during the next Magic night with your friends.


The collection manager is a tool that is still in the beta phase, but it is an important goal of ours to constantly update it so that it has more and more functionality.


We hope to introduce soon the ability to import your own decks from MTGO and MTG Arena, as well as to automatically create wishlists from your own decks and based on the cards already in your collection.


We are waiting for you!


We assure you that these are functions that are not easy to build from scratch and your feedback is very important: we ask you to send us any requests or suggestions that come to mind.


With all the above features we currently have or will be implementing on your account, we want to make you feel part of a community with a passion to grow and provide the best possible services for a magic player.


And all of this without never forgetting what our main goal will always be: giving you The Best Prices!


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